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We are experiencing something most of us have never experienced:  COVID 19.  Many people have been considering cosmetic surgery or need a surgical procedure related to reconstruction for a medical condition and are asking if it is safe at this time.

What to look for in a plastic surgeon?

When considering plastic surgery, a patient should look for plastic surgeons who adhere to CDC guidelines and follow the very highest standard of health and safety for patients, staff and themselves. 

What does this mean:

  • The office and staff practice social distancing, wear appropriate ppe, allow virtual visits, and deep clean and sanitize with each visit
  • Conducting thorough COVID 19 screening of staff and patients prior to visits and entering the office
  • Choose a board-certified plastic surgeon that works in accredited operating suites and hospitals that prioritize health and safety measures against COVID 19
  • Be tested prior to surgery for COVID 19 so that you know you will have the best chance to recover and don’t have added risk

Dr. Crosby and her staff adhere to these guidelines and prioritize the safety of her patients.

Can surgery be performed at this time for elective procedures?

The short answer is: YES.  There is a lot of confusion concerning elective surgical procedures at this time due to government notices and media.  An elective procedure means a procedure that is performed for medical reasons that are not threatening to life or limb.  Currently, most hospitals are allowing elective procedures to move forward.  Some facilities only allow procedures that do not require an overnight stay (most cosmetic procedures) or only require a short stay to minimize the use of hospital beds.  This is a fluid situation and may change daily.

Dr. Crosby is continuing to perform elective procedures including cosmetic procedures in hospital environments providing and adhering to the highest standards of safety against COVID 19.

How do I know if this is a good time to have surgery?

This is a very individual decision.  For some patients this may be an ideal time because they are working at home and have the time to recover from surgery and resources available to assist with healing.  It is important to know that it is possible to safely schedule a plastic surgery procedure with a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Crosby who will prioritize your safety and needs during these difficult times.