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Well, if you are like many of my patients and friends, working from home on a computer during this pandemic is commonplace.  So why consider a plastic surgery procedure now?  

First, you like many of us have probably put on a few unwanted COVID pounds because this a stressful time but also because you may be more sedentary. 

Second, many plastic surgery procedures require recovery time that is very manageable when you don’t have to drive a vehicle or travel for your job, or even dress up in your business attire. 

Third, you don’t need all your coworkers wondering why you are out of the office recovering

Hopefully by mid-year or sooner, with vaccines, this pandemic will be behind us and you will want to go out and be more active and why not look your best? 

Safety is my priority always and especially during this point in time.  All patients are screened for Covid symptoms before entering the office and are tested for Covid prior to any surgery.  My surgeries are performed at reputable hospital systems focused on patient safety and most procedures are outpatient and do not require a stay in a hospital.

What does weather have to do with it?

The weather has many things with timing plastic surgery procedures.  For many procedures, there will be a need to wear a compression garment to reduce swelling and improve contour which here in Houston during the summer is not ideal.  Also, the bulkier clothing we wear in the colder months helps conceal the swelling, garments, bandages and bruising while you are healing.

More importantly, recovery takes time with not only restrictions on activity but also on healing time for incisions and scars to lighten.  The longer you have to recover before you pull out those bathing suits and summer attire the better. 

Schedule a consult with Dr. Melissa Crosby at 832-939-8500 and find out how you can look and feel better.  Treat yourself to something positive during these isolating times.