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As women, our breasts are a very important part of our femininity.  Breasts come in all shapes and sizes and they change throughout a woman’s lifetime.  Unfortunately, they don’t always defy gravity or hold up to the stresses of weight changes, childbearing and menopause. So how do women decide on what type of surgery may be best when they are unsatisfied with the appearance of their breasts.

Some questions to consider:

  1. Do I like the size of my breasts?
  2. Do I like how my breasts hang or the appearance and location of my nipple and areola?
  3. Am I comfortable with having scars on my breast or sensation changes?
  4. Am I happy with my current weight?
  5. Am I done with childbearing and if not, do I want to breast feed?

So what are some procedures that I can do to help change the appearance of my breasts?

Breast augmentation surgery is a surgery that patients can undergo that can increase the size, fullness and projection of the breast with using an implant either filled with silicone or saline

Breast reduction surgery is a surgery that patients can undergo to reduce the size of the breast by removing some of the excess breast tissue.  This procedure also allows the nipple and areola to be in a higher location on the chest like the procedure known as a breast lift or Mastopexy.

Breast Lift/Mastopexy is a surgery that patients can undergo to make their breasts less saggy and improve the projection and elevate the nipple and areola

It is important to realize all surgery results in a scar and can result in sensation changes because nerves of the skin may be transected to perform the procedure.  In addition, because some procedures involve incisions that go deep into the breast tissue, the ability for future breast feeding may be altered.  The location of the scarring will depend on the procedure performed.  Often scars will be placed under the bottom of the breast or around the areola but can also be needed vertically along the lower portion of the breast.  Board Certified Plastic Surgeons like Dr. Melissa Crosby are trained to position scars in the most inconspicuous places and use suturing techniques to create the best appearing scar.

Maintaining your body weight is important when considering plastic surgery.  Weight changes affect the breast appearance because a large portion of the breast tissue contains fat.  Your plastic surgeon can help address any of your concerns during your visit.

If you are interested in discovering how to improve your breast appearance, contact Dr. Melissa Crosby for a consultation.